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Greetings, Friends!


We are so excited to present this wonderful event: Black Chefs Matter!


On Saturday, February 25, African American Chefs & Culinarians from the region will converge on Yonkers, NY in a battle of culinary skill! 

We invite all chefs to compete with their best dish, and enter to win cash prizes and bragging rights for the year!


Additionally, we are building a collective of African American Chefs, Culinary Professionals & Creatives, for the purpose of unity, creative inspiration and to essentially, "build our own table", instead of asking for a seat at another. 


It's our time! It's our moment! It's our season! In the words of the late James Weldon Johnson, "Let us march on, until victory is won!"

You can visit us at to secure your space as a participant or a vendor.


Please feel free to share this within your networks. Find us on Facebook:


Blessings on Blessings!

Chef Bryan Allen, Founder

Super Important Deadlines - Don’t Miss!

Make sure you have all your bank and credit card statements for last year.  I heard from a client working for a large bank that employees were instructed to write down their account numbers in case they were not able to access their accounts over the internet and need access to their accounts. (Yikes, we take it for granted don't we?)


If you use your car for business write down the odometer reading on your calendar on January 1.  Make it a recurring appointment to do so.  If you use more than one car do it for both. Missed doing it.  Write it down now and set an appointment for January 1 next year.  Also track your business miles,  MileIQ and Quickbooks can do that for you.  Or make notes on your calendars for the mileage for each business appointment.


If you pay any independent contractors, the 1099 reporting must be done by January 31 to IRS and the individual.  A best practice would be to get the W9 form before actually paying the person by check.  People working for your business and where you want to take a deduction are not working "off the books".  If they were paid through a payment method like paypal, venmo or by credit card then you do not include those amounts on the 1099.  Paid by check or cash include on the 1099.


Employees also must get their W2s by January 31.


Write down your goals for the year.  A written goal will keep you accountable. I want to increase my sales by 10% next year.  Since I know what my monthly sales were last year.  I add 10% to each monthly, and know my number goal for the month.  I always have something on my desk to get out the door and bill!

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