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Your Chamber membership increases public recognition and reputation within the community amongst consumers, and other business leaders.  Our three Become a viable player in your industry, today!

Marketing and Branding

Marketing and Branding


Meet today and shift gears as you begin executing a marketing campaign, with a clearly established and strategically aligned brand. Your brand should qualify, and directly set you in line with your target audience.  Your brand should be clear, concise, and compelling.  Join the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce as they lead local  and neighboring industries in the heightening of brand value.  Learn how to keep your brand on top within a city that is gainfully evolving and creating endless opportunities for remunerative brands. 


In alignment with your brand, the Chamber offers services in marketing to meet the need of your service or product. All business owners and marketers share one common thread; to generate customers and make money.   Our marketing services include but are not limited to:

Business Start-Up Packages: Logo to launch 

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Products to boost your brand

Dynamic Designs for print and web:

Postcards, programs, all communications

Web Banners

Building Signage

Trade Show / Presentation Products

Providing services for all industries and audiences





Also offering services in organizational structure and management; policies and procedures; and communications.

Take advantage of these opportunities for optimization.   Connect with experts at the Chamber of Commerce to build your brand and impact your audience.  

Networking and Business Alliance

Networking and Business Alliance


From sole proprietorship to major corporations, the Chamber of Commerce has access to a broad spectrum of businesses that all share similar customers and ideals. With over 20 highly supported and strongly attended events on a yearly basis, the Chamber is a successful driver used by many to advance the business community through engagement, education and support.

The Chamber of Commerce is committed to providing platforms through which you build reciprocal relationships. 

It is the best time to share and demonstrate the quality and professionalism you provide for customers. Over time, this builds confidence among your business peers and allows them to become comfortable referring you to their valuable clients. 

Some other reasons why we create networking opportunities:



Strategic Partnerships: Networking is a great way to find a strategic partner. Before you go, determine what type of strategic partner you are looking for. A builder might want to partner with a flooring company. A baker might want to partner with a realtor who gives “Welcome” baskets to their recent buyers. That is what a strategic partnership comprises. 

Build your Contact List: Networking is a great way to build your list of contacts. Open events and Chamber of Commerce mixers are excellent venues for that. Groups that meet on a regular basis may not be best for this as you would need to join the group and attend the meetings. But if building your list is your primary purpose, be sure to get permission before you add anyone to your email or newsletter list.

Build a Referral Source: Be clear about the type of referrals you want. Are you looking for referrals for a specific type of product or service you provide? Are you looking for someone to help your business? Are you looking for a graphic artist or a web designer or printer? The more precise you are about the referrals you are seeking, the more qualified referrals you will receive.

Recognition: You may only want to build your visibility within the community. You are not there for business, you are there for recognition. Networking is a great way to gain brand awareness for your small business.

Just keep in mind that it is never about getting the sale. If you do get a sale; great. But it is a huge misconception to think that making a sale is the purpose of networking. Don’t network with that intention. Networking is all about building relationships with the people you meet. Do your networking with the knowledge that it is only a small part of your efforts.

What makes networking truly effective happens in the follow-through — building reliable, trustworthy relationships with people that will learn to depend on you and whom you can also depend on and refer your clients. Confirm your membership, today. 

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Membership Relations


Community and Government Affairs


The Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce encourages its members and the community at-large to get involved in civic life by participating in the democratic process.  Voting, writing letters, signing petitions, attending public and community hearings and meetings, making donations, volunteering – these are just some of the many ways you can make a difference in your community.

By getting more involved we become more in touch with the decisions that affect our business community and hopefully help to shape a stronger more effective business community. 

The Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce weighs in on views regarding public policy and common business-related practices.  It is our pleasure to sit at the table where decisions are made, advocating on behalf of businesses like yours.

Some of the things we will begin to work on with the city government will be in the following:


Help cut through red tape...

Whether you’re trying to open or are already in operation, if you need help getting a permit, resolving a violation, or recovering from a disaster, the Chamber of Commerce drives your business forward – become a member today.

Provide solutions, orientation and business support services by helping you 

  • Understand government requirements and how to prevent violations. Visit our chamber to help you identify and apply for the permits, licenses, and certificates you need.

  • Connect with government agencies and utilities to resolve problems and access needed services.

  • Recover from a disaster such as a fire, flood, ruptured water main, building collapse, or power outage.

Community and Gov't Affairs

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