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Benefits of Membership

The Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce works year-round to improve the business climate in our area. We provide our members with numerous advertising and marketing opportunities so that you can keep customers coming back. The educational programs we design and promote help our members to do business better, and our workforce development programs ensure that our members will have qualified employees to keep business going.

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The Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce provides its members with frequent and valuable networking events. It’s true what they say: it’s not what you know but who you know. Get to know Westchester County by getting to know its people. Build business relationships and develop friendships with leaders of Westchester County!


The Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce offers services in:

Branding and Marketing

Advertising Products and Programs
Chamber Banner Ads
Chamber TV
Direct Mail Marketing
Event Sponsorship
Grand Opening Celebrations 

Optimize your value in the community. Diversity is one of the cornerstone's of our city's core components, and a one size fits all answer can not serve each of our partner's needs. The Chamber of Commerce is the bridge across the divide when creating awareness for a cause can sometimes not reach the intended audience..

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