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       The Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce is honored and excited to move forward with you as we strengthen the business community of our great city.   Every community across the country relies on the Chamber to unite its business community and enhance economic growth.  Mount Vernon is no different.  By supporting new businesses and honoring businessmen and women who have paved the way, our goal is to unearth resources, reenergize our Chamber, and fortify our footing within this city. 


        The vision is simple; to regain our rightful place within the community, as the center of business relations; and resource center for development and advancement; to increase our visibility and create next level platforms as we weigh in on views regarding public policy. 

        We have implemented strategies with a focus on three (3) key areas:  Our Membership Experience, Branding and Marketing, along with Community and Government Engagement – all for new, as well as, seasoned entrepreneurs, corporations, and not-for-profit organizations. Advocacy, marketing and networking seems to be at the center of every businesses interest. For the next 6 months, let us walk with you; begin to include the Chamber in what you do and your membership will be worth it all.


​            Through key partnerships, we will continue to provide platforms and create opportunities.   Platforms manifest in the form of workshops, training, and sometimes very one-on-one and meetings. It is critical you become involved with your Chamber – “ make your business is our business.”  We have expert industry service providers willing to meet with any member to discuss strategy and positioning.

            Lastly, we value education and understand the need to provide a platform to advance early entrepreneurs within our community. Through partnerships with city youth groups, the Chamber exposes youth to various industries in the community.  We also work with educational institutions to provide internships for eligible students.  Our Chamber youth division gives young people the opportunity to work with media professionals in the areas of photography, video production and publishing.  Our goal is to promote Mt. Vernon’s first youth-centered publication, Rock It! My Baby Magazine.   The magazine’s focus is to improve literacy through the powerful impact of our business community.  Education and the success of our youth is the business of our entire “village.”

​            Don’t forget to get involved. You’ve joined us; now let’s connect and build a better Mount Vernon for all.


 Honorable Omar Fields, President 

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